Monday, December 31, 2007

Twice Grinched by Apple Thieves!

In today's Future Tense Podcast, Jon Gordon says that overall satisfaction with online retailers has dropped a wee bit this Holiday season, but that online shoppers remain generally satisfied. The one example he gave of a guy having a crummy experience with the beloved online site was me!

I had mentioned to Jon in an email that in the run up to Christmas, I had twice received an empty box instead of a shiny new red iPod Nano. AAARRGH! I am sure that all parties, Apple, my wife, and I felt a bit like the Fates were against us after the second empty box arrived.

All ended satisfactorily, however. My wife's dream of a happy Christmas for her poor waif of a husband came through on the third attempt. And now, I think the Red iPod Nano is better than any bike ever.

qv: [Satisfaction with online shopping dips]

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Santa has taken flight on Google Earth! (for real!)

For the past twelve days, Google Earth has been teasing us with toys hidden all over the planet, but since today is Christmas Eve, Santa has actually taken flight!

Santa's Flight on Google Earth - Click to enlarge.

A bit ago I watched him work his way through Australia and as I type this he's making his stops in Papua New Guinea. The satellite imagery is amazingly sharp. It's a great way to see the world from the comfort of your own home.

You can track Santa, too. You have to load Google Earth (it's free) and then load the Santa Tracker KML file. Easy to follow directions are available on the website.

DoThis: Get the Santa Tracker

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Santa has taken flight on Google Earth!

Google has announced Santa's flight and the web page is now active. For the next 12 days you can look for presents on Google Earth and watch Santa in flight on the big day.

I'm giddy with excitement!

qv: [Track Santa on Google Earth]

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Santa will be hiding toys on Google Earth

From the Google Earth Newsletter:
Santa Sits
'Tis (almost) the season, and when Christmas Eve finally arrives, Santa Claus fans all over the world will be able to track his minute-to-minute whereabouts, with the help of some friendly elves and Google Earth. Be sure to visit starting on December 12th to learn more.

Santa Tracker is a KML file, viewable in Google Earth that shows a 3D SketchUp model of Santa flying around the world delivering presents on the evening of December 24th, Christmas Eve. This year, Santa will also be hiding some giant toys in Google Earth. Beginning on December 12th, Santa will leave a clue outside of his house at the North Pole up until his flight on December 24th. Each clue can be used to find a city where a giant SketchUp model of a toy is hidden. Each day, the location of the toy from the day before will be revealed. Don't forget to visit the website on December 12th to see Santa.

Just four more days until Santa appears on Google Earth! (I hope he brings that red wagon I've been asking for.)

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