Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vote on South Carolina's New License Plate Design

Back in October we told you that South Carolina was looking for new License Plate designs. It appears that they have received their designs, winnowed the field down to three and are soliciting your vote online. I don't think you'll find anything surprising among the designs. All incorporate the easily recognized Palmetto tree with two including the crescent moon as well. If you'd like to have some say in what your next South Carolina license plate looks like, then you'd better go vote.

Go Vote

Thanks Dy!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Photos: Artisphere 2007 in Greenville, SC

Artisphere 200704 sidewalk photo 9
I got some nice shots of some very cool sidewalk art at this year's Artisphere. The weather was really cooperative. It didn't wash this sidewalk art away in the middle of the festival for example.

qv: Artisphere Photos

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Mike Angelo on Mr. Picassohead

Today on On Your Day, we (they?) will play a segment we recorded some weeks (months?) ago on the Mr. Picassohead art toy that I blogged in October. Since then I have received the occasional submission from our fabulous blog readers and thought I'd bring the story back to the top by featuring this piece by my pal, Mike Angelo.

Warning: Mr. Picassohead is hazardous to your deadlines. He's too much fun to ignore.

Start Drawing -- Mr. Picassohead

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Make Art not Spreadsheets

Apophysys FlameYou can use your computer to create beautiful free form fractal flames. These fractal flames and their associated editors and rederers have been around since 1992, and they just keep getting better.

You can now run the software standalone, creating these images for your own enjoyment, or you can participate in a larger community of people creating these images via a screen saver which generates the images and allows you to vote and thus influence the longevity of images being created on the computers of others.

Create your own: [Apophysis]

Get the "Electric Sheep" screen saver: http://electricsheep.org/

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