Monday, December 31, 2007

Twice Grinched by Apple Thieves!

In today's Future Tense Podcast, Jon Gordon says that overall satisfaction with online retailers has dropped a wee bit this Holiday season, but that online shoppers remain generally satisfied. The one example he gave of a guy having a crummy experience with the beloved online site was me!

I had mentioned to Jon in an email that in the run up to Christmas, I had twice received an empty box instead of a shiny new red iPod Nano. AAARRGH! I am sure that all parties, Apple, my wife, and I felt a bit like the Fates were against us after the second empty box arrived.

All ended satisfactorily, however. My wife's dream of a happy Christmas for her poor waif of a husband came through on the third attempt. And now, I think the Red iPod Nano is better than any bike ever.

qv: [Satisfaction with online shopping dips]

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