Monday, October 08, 2007

Charter Communications Adds Insult to Injury

There are so many ways that my cable provider sucks, that I really couldn't mention them all in a single blog post. I regard my relationship with them as "death by a thousand cuts." They are constantly, slowly, killing me and then sucking the life out of me. They fail to meet expectations in many ways, but one of the ways that they most consistently fail is in providing adequate DNS services to my laptop web client. I frequently try to bring up web pages and have their system say that it can't find the remote web page. 100% of the time I am able to make this same query work on an alternate client which is not using Charter's DNS. Just recently, however, Charter has added insult to injury, by first failing to find the path to a known good server and then offering me Yahoo sponsored advertisements for similarly spelled websites which it assumes I might be looking for.

I type in the well known (to me) , what I get is:

No, I wasn't looking for any of those other things. No, I didn't mean "YANOU." I wish at least that it would assume I spelled my own name correctly.

I'd use almost any other Internet Service Provider if I thought it would work any better. As someone else pointed out to me, Charter's customer service motto may very well be "They might bitch, but they won't switch."

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Think Greenville is back!

www.ThinkGreenville.comI first started toying with the idea of "Think Greenville" in April of 2003. I thought to make something commercial of it, then got busy with other things. It's always been in the back of my head, but languished for lack of cycles on my part. In the past two weeks, I have relaunched it twice again. First I relaunched it using Blogger but quickly and accidentally invoked a DNS demon that rendered it unavailable for six days! (It's a long story.) As it was recovering from its torpor, I decided that what I really wanted was something of an art project. The goal of ThinkGreenville is to have my own little spot to celebrate the fun, beautiful, cool, and interesting bits of Greenville's downtown area. It's now hosted using the delightfully svelt bloghost Tumblr.


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