Thursday, October 18, 2007

South Carolina is on the map! Thank you Miss Teen South Carolina!

A very unlucky Miss Teen South Carolina had a mental lapse in front of a camera focused entirely on her. Her stumbling answer which may well be the most cringe-worthy moment on camera this year, was quickly posted to YouTube.

A nifty map provided by the Compete blog, shows that at her peak, over 900,000 viewers watched her video on YouTube each day. None of us should be so unfortunate as to have any such embarassing moment of our lives so well documented, or so thoroughly broadcast.

qv: [YouTube Revolutionizes Embarassment]

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A house just passed my car on the street...

As I was driving home this morning, I got stopped at a light and then had to wait for a house to go by...

I uploaded the pictures to Picasa which let me easily geotag the photos. You can see the pictures, look at them on a map, or even zoom in using Google Earth (via this kml) to get a satellite photo of the exact intersection I was sitting at when I shot the photos.

qv: [Photos]

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Friday, October 12, 2007

TechCrunch attacked by Lobotomized Lawyer, Arrington inveighs

I know lots of smart and good lawyers. Then there's this guy who is trying to get TechCrunch's Mike Arrington to pay $150,000 for a photo he never used...

qv: [Being Stupid And Litigious Is No Way...]

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Subliminal Blog Post -- Click this button

This is the button you were looking for:

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


It was just a matter of time before I stumbled across this.

I can't imagine the elder ones are amused.


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Monday, October 08, 2007

Charter Communications Adds Insult to Injury

There are so many ways that my cable provider sucks, that I really couldn't mention them all in a single blog post. I regard my relationship with them as "death by a thousand cuts." They are constantly, slowly, killing me and then sucking the life out of me. They fail to meet expectations in many ways, but one of the ways that they most consistently fail is in providing adequate DNS services to my laptop web client. I frequently try to bring up web pages and have their system say that it can't find the remote web page. 100% of the time I am able to make this same query work on an alternate client which is not using Charter's DNS. Just recently, however, Charter has added insult to injury, by first failing to find the path to a known good server and then offering me Yahoo sponsored advertisements for similarly spelled websites which it assumes I might be looking for.

I type in the well known (to me) , what I get is:

No, I wasn't looking for any of those other things. No, I didn't mean "YANOU." I wish at least that it would assume I spelled my own name correctly.

I'd use almost any other Internet Service Provider if I thought it would work any better. As someone else pointed out to me, Charter's customer service motto may very well be "They might bitch, but they won't switch."

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Upstate Entrepreneurs Forum on Monday

I plan to be at this meeting on Monday afternoon:
Upstate Entrepreneurs Forum: "The Upstate Entrepreneurs Forum is a volunteer organization dedicated to improving the climate for emerging, growth-oriented companies across Upstate South Carolina. The mission of the Upstate Entrepreneurs Forum is to improve the flow of ideas, services, and capital across entrepreneurs and help connect budding entrepreneurs to resources they need to grow their business.

Next Meeting - October 8th 2007: The Ocotober 2007 Presentation will be - 'Innovative and Efficient Ways to Share the Unique Message of Your Business' by dual presenters, Benjamin Young of BigBlueHat and Patrick Greer of SpinningSilk Multimedia."
qv: Upstate Entrepreneurs Forum

View Phil Yanov's profile on LinkedIn

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Buy the new Radiohead CD -- You name the price?!?

How much will you pay for the new Radiohead CD? The price is up to you. On The Media talked to economist Tyler Cowen about what Radiohead might expect to net off of their Public Radio style plea for listeners to name their own price for their soon to be released CD.

Tyler's analysis of how the fan's would react to Radiohead's busking was fascinating. A commenter at, Nick, snarkily reminds us that public radio pledge drives are much the same. The decreasing marginal utility of indicating that I am a public radio listener is probably most clearly indicated by the marginal decrease of my pledges over time. The good news is that WNYC's original programs regularly delight my brain and cause me to want to be supportive all over again. Thanks again for injecting substantive analysis into the blogosphere's frequently vacuous echo chamber.

qv: On The Media

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Finding and Flying Google Earth's Flight Simulator

Google Earth 4.2 includes a hidden Flight Simulator. To activate the hidden Flight Simulator feature, enter "Lilienthal" in the "Fly To" box, or type Ctrl-Alt-A in Windows/Linux, or Command-Option-A on a Mac. Once you've found the simulator, "Enter Flight Simulator" will appear in the tools menu in Google Earth for future use.

The simulator is easy to fly, even for non-pilots. There are no complicated engine-start or takeoff procedures - simply add power (press the PAGE UP key) and off you go. Once you've found a nice vantage point, you can use the space bar to pause the simulator and enjoy the view for a moment. Then, keep your location constant while you look around using the CTRL and arrow keys. Flying is easiest with mouse controls (or a joystick if you have one), but the full set of keyboard controls gives you greater functionality.

Frank Taylor, author of the Google Earth Blog, has compiled a video with flying tips:

qv: Flying Tips


Friday, October 05, 2007

Outfitting your shrine to the Patron Saint of Bacon

Who knew that there was a Patron Saint of Bacon? (Answer: Archie McPhee)

Sure, I like bacon. I'd even say that it is the number one reason I am no longer a vegetarian. Still, I never thought about erecting a shrine to the Patron Saint of Bacon... until now. The guys at Archie McPhee make it easy with a swell little statue of St. Anthony, the patron saint of butchers, and thus by their logic, bacon. My only suggestion for McPhee -- Shouldn't St. Anthony be a bobble head? Slowly nod your head yes...

qv: Meat at Archie McPhee