Friday, April 29, 2005

Bob Jones University Seeking Accreditation

I never thought I'd live to see the day that BJU would seek to join the larger academic community. Welcome to the world. Kudos to them.

From their website:
Bob Jones University received candidacy from the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools in April 2005. Candidate status gives an institution all the privileges of accreditation. TRACS is a national accrediting body that offers institutional accreditation to Christian colleges, universities, and seminaries.

qv: BJU Website
via: WCIV

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tour de Georgia 2005 Snapshots

Tour de Georgia 2005 Photo by Phil Yanov
Tour de Georgia 2005 photos
Originally uploaded by Yanov.

I've put my Tour de Georgia snapshots on Flickr under the tag tdg2005. Click to view.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Tour de Georgia Radio Guys

Phil Yanov, Mike McClain, Tour de Georgia 2005 Radio Guys

Here we are, Phil & Mike, your Tour de Georgia 2005 Radio guys!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

GeoBlogging, Half of a half-baked idea...

Ok, someone can tell me that someone else is already doing a great job of this, and I'll just let this be one of my half-baked ideas that was not properly vetted before I opened my mouth. My idea is Geoblogging.

It is an idea that has arisen out of my recent trip. Well, actually, it has arisen out of the trip I am on now as part of the entourage of the Tour de Georgia. As I am traveling, I thought it would be cool if I could allow my blog to have an I am here indicator as part of my travel. A cool geo blog format might even include a small inset map that shows my location with as much precision as I am willing to allow.

If a number of people included their geo data as they blogged while mobile, we could even trace paths as they zoomed across the world, or we could map and see if there are an inordiante number of bloggers in one place or another. You could potentially show maps with dates of blog entries in them. Bloggers might more easily find one another for coffee. Of course, I think this would be great fun. Any interest in helping put somethign like this together? If we do it with standards then even the big boys will follow. If we wait, someone with a lot of money and a lot of cool will do it in some way we don't like nearly as much.

GeoBlog: I am here.

By the way, today, I am in Macon.

Podcast: Tour de Georgia 2005 - Stage One Finish

Live audio from the finish of Stage One of the 2005 Dodge Tour de Georgia.
this is an audio post - click to play

Podcast: Tour de Georgia 2005 Start

A live podcast from the Starting Line of the 2005 Tour de Georgia in Augusta, SC.
Click to play

Monday, April 18, 2005

Lance Armstrong to Retire...

I have decided the Tour De France will be my last race as a professional cyclist
-Lance Armstrong

I heard it with my own ears. I was standing in the room when Lance Armstrong announced his retirement. to follow.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Podcast: First from Tour de Georgia

this is an audio post - click to play

Geoblog: I am here at the Tour de Georgia.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Pope Soap On A Rope

Pope soap on a rope.Wash away your sins and clean up your act with this soapy simulacrum of the Holy Father.

We wouldn't want to shove this gag down your throat, but if someone's "potty mouth" is giving you trouble at home, what could better put a point on the problem than a sudsy pontiff's miter?

The folks at Otherland claim he is "impressive and lifelike" and that one scrub will have you "gleaming with goodness."

qv: Get your own Pope at Other Land

others on:

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


When we found out that we were expecting, my wife's brother Travis immediately and confidently declared that his mojo was working at full power and that he could be certain that we were expecting a girl. Anyone could make such a claim and be half right. Travis, however, has faithfully demonstrated his committment to his prognostication by calling my wife every night since his declaration with at least one candidate name for our soon to be identified baby girl. As public recognition of his insistence, persistence, and profound correctness, I dedicated this blog entry to him.

Travis was right... We are expecting a Baby Girl.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Mspot delivers radio to your cell phone...

MSpot radio sample screenLarry Magid reviews Mspot's radio via your cell phone service. Subscribers are able to listen to audio in near real time at a quality that surpasses FM broadcast. Is this a competitor to Siruis, XM, podcasting?

qv: CBS News - Radio Redux

Podcast42 is now listed at Podcast Alley

Does being listed mean I get a ticker symbol?

qv: Podcast42 at Podcast Alley

NEED MORE HEADLINE in your news?

Even at 39% of original, these headlines are BIG! Nick Denton and the Gawker gang have decided to take on Drudge with their own "anarcho capitalist" view of the news. It's hard not to love tabloid style headlines like:

Trailer Park Momma Faces 2 Years Over Child’s Joint Puff


Opus 5

And now, a watch whose mechanical perfection sucks the air out of the room. The fabulous new horological automata, dubbed the Opus V by Harry Winston is gorgeous and astronomical. You need not imagine what this watch might cost, we'll tell you. It's $106,680 for the basic model and prices climb from there. It's not the kind of change you find lying on the nightstand. I guess I'll be letting the Donald know that this item is very high on my Holiday wish list. Price courtesy Gizmodo, dream watch by Harry Winston.
qv: Opus 5

Sunday, April 10, 2005

I get to interview Mike Switzer...

I got to turn the tables, this time I am interviewing Mike Switzer instead of him interviewing me.

qv: Podcast42 interviews Mike Switzer

Saturday, April 09, 2005

OnLine Fantasy Gaming is BIG Business

According to Bill Gurley, the largest internet business in China is not a portal, is not a e-commerce site, it's not a search site... It's a game. It's a Massively MultiPlayer Online Role-playing Game (MMPORG) that draws in over 700,000 members per month. In a presentation at Web 2.0 that is now available for download at IT Conversations, Bill surveys the landscape of the MMPORGS and gives the seven reasons why he as a venture capital investor finds their business model so attractive.

qv: Bill Gurley Speaking at Web 2.0
qv: Bill Gurley's Blog - Above the Crowd

Feedburner Errors - How Often Does This Happen?

Feed Burner Error

I wonder how often this happens. I just noticed that all of my Feedburner feeds are giving errors instead of feeds. It cleared up after several minutes.

Does this happen frequently?

Reuters Podcasting Article

This load of crap:
"To radio it's a big threat, because people are fed up with radio," said digital-media analyst Phil Leigh.
appeared in a Reuters article about podcasting.

Podcasting is no more a threat to radio than video cameras are to network television.

Podcasting is something different from broadcast radio. Podcasting is definitely not broadcast radio "light." Podcasting is a chance for passionate individuals to reach narrowly targeted and self-selecting audiences with niche messages. Podcasters who pretend to be Clear Channel are missing the real opportunity to do something worthwhile.

qv: Reuters: Homespun "podcasts" explore universe of topics

My first podcast recording Skype

Our first Corante Podcast has been uploaded. Matt May recorded a Skype conference call with me, Alex Williams, and himself. The lesson learned here? The audio is not really acceptable. Skype seems to work great point to point, but the delays and poor quality audio make it unsuitable for recording a three way call. Nonetheless, you may find this podcast almost listenable. Alex and Matt have some interesting comments about podcasting baseball and I tease the BlogMatrix interview podcast.

qv: Corante Podcast

Friday, April 08, 2005

New Podcast42 - BlogMatrix

A few weeks ago, David Janes and David McCarthy put out a press release promoting their new all-in-one podcasting / podcatching tool. I was skeptical but took some time to interview the two Davids and found a couple of guys who seem very committed and capable of delivering a podcasting tool that's easy to use. You can try the tool for free, but with $5, a web browser and a microphone you can be podcasting in minutes.

qv: Podcast42

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Twins are people...

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Landwalker Mecha For Sale

Ok, so I can't read Japanese, but the web page clearly says Products. Doesn't that mean that for enough solaris I could own my very own walking land mecha? Be still my beating heart.

I don't know if this is what every nerd dreams of, but I know it is what this nerd dreams of. Speed it up, add a pulse cannon, and I'm buying! Watch the video.

qv: Landwalker by P.A. Technology
via: Mother Digital

I Hate the NPR Fund Drive

Surely, I am not the only person who feels this way.

What will the next Pope's name be? Place your bets...

Run out of things to wager on? How about putting a fiver on Boniface as the name selected by the next pope? The Irish betting house Paddy Power is waiting to take your bet. By the way, as a long shot, Boniface is paying 50 to 1.
qv: Paddy Power: Next Pope's Papal Name

Monday, April 04, 2005

BBC requests interview with Bob Marley

The BBC apparently asked for an interview with Bob Marley, seemingly unaware that he has been dead since 1981. I may be the first to mention this, but couldn't they still do the interview if they can get someone to give them a LinkedIn connection via former TV psychic John Edward?

qv: BBC staff red-faced after Marley mistake

Google Maps Adds Satellite View

Google today added a satellite view to their map pages. Now we know at least one of the things they plan to do with all of that data they got when they bought Keyhole. Check out the map to our local Crowne Plaza Hotel. (home of the GSA Technology Council meetings.)

qv: Google Map - Satellite View

God is Talking to Hans Anderson...

Does God talk to you? Do you talk to God? God talks to Hans Anderson and he recounts the conversation in a delightful stream of consciousness. It's all about God, Dads, and conversations and it's beautifully done. Great stuff. Check it out at the Public Radio Exchange.

qv: PRX: God Is Talking to Me

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Need a ride? Ask Google Ride Finder...

Looking for a ride to the airport? Well, if you are in one of the cities selected for the BETA of Google's ridefinder, then you may be in luck. The system lets you zoom and pan the map and then find the taxi, bus, or limo service that's closest to you.


Happy Birthday Mikey!

Screaming Mike
Originally uploaded by Yanov.

Have I ever mentioned that it was Mike that brought the word "callipygous" to my attention? I now use it as often as I am able.

Technology Keeps Me On Time...

George Burns once said the benefit of having money was that he could afford to buy berries out of season. For me, one of the benefits of technology is that most of my watches and clocks now adjust themselves for Daylight Savings Time. Upon waking this morning I found only two clocks with need of resetting in a house that surely has a clock in every room.

My Casio Waveceptor watch had set itself as well, so even my wrist knows what time it is without me having to make some infernal adjustment.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Anguish as Art - Send Frank Warren Your Secrets

I've seen a few links in a few days, so I don't really know who to credit for this find, but it is something special. Frank Warren of accepts secrets sent anonymously through the mail on standard postcards and then posts them to his website. It's catharsis as interactive, collaborative art.

Movie Review: 'Sin City' is a study in vile

Innovative cinematography, stunning film noir sets, and a harem of beautiful creatures did nothing to redeem the unflinchingly viscous attack that is Sin City. Robert Rodriguez's movie adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novels, is brilliant, beautiful, and brutal. In short, it's unwatchable.

No film before has been so faithful in its rendering of a graphic novel to the screen and no film in recent memory, with the notable exception of the Passion of the Christ has been so gratuitously unrelenting in its portrayal of violence. Sin City's numerous beatings, perverse mutilations, and cannibalism create a spectacle that will be tolerated by only the most violence inured of audiences. Upon leaving the theater, and for hours afterward, I was speechless.

The release of Sin City is not without a moral lesson, however. It perfectly illustrates what's missing in the Motion Picture Association's rating of films. The ubiquitous trailer, the internet ads, a theater full of young teens, and the associations simple rating of "R" did not prepare me to see a film so disturbingly violent. If the MPAA had really been trying to help me, parents and teenagers make informed choices about movies, then this film would have been rated NC-17 for violence. Better yet, the MPAA would recognize that it is failing in its duty to inform and would adopt a rating system that clearly enumerates the potentially objectionable elements in a film before I go to the theater. If there are thematic elements I don't want to see in movies I watch, shouldn't I be allowed to know and decide before I go to the theater?

The MPAA failing aside, Sin City is beautiful but sickening, clever but soul crushing. The movie is a ravishing study in vile and potential moviegoers are strongly cautioned to consider the intensity of the film's portrayal of violence before deciding to attend.


Friday, April 01, 2005

Google is giving away the Gigs!

Google has announced that since Yahoo has begrudgingly matched their previous offer of 1 GB of free email space, they will now double their offer and give away 2 Gigabytes of free storage with every account. That is a lot of free GMail. Thanks big G!

qv: GMail has a birthday!