Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Lawmaker wants limits to spyware (News.com) If passed, the Safeguard Against Privacy Invasions Act would require companies to get permission from computer users before installing their spyware software. Spyware is so maligned because the user never gets the opportunity to give informed consent. It is only when they either notice suspicious activity or install countermeasure software that they find out the spyware is installed. I would think boycotting spyware is probably the fastest and most efficient way to deal with the problem. But Rep. Mary Bono thinks there ought to be a law.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is the hippest show on Television. The premise is simple. Start with a straight guy whose life, wardrobe, and home are so hopelessly shabby that he will do anything to get them looking like somone actually cared about them. In this case, anything involves having a SWAT team of five gay guys deconstruct the neglected life and put it back together with a bit of flair and a lot of snappy dialogue. The straight guys crying for help in these shows are little more than bears with bad furniture. Most of them have not shaved for days, cleaned house for weeks, or bought new clothes for years. They have so little sense of style that they clearly gave up being cool or even clean ages ago. Each episode finds these poor guys giving over responsibility for their wardrobe, personal hygiene, cooking, and interior decorating to the stars of the show. They are desparate and the Fab Five always rescues them albeit while poking more than a little fun along the way. The over the top dialogue is what makes this show so much fun. The Fab Five never forgets that they are in the scene to create tension and contrast and they always do it with style. Finally, there is a reason to turn your television on. Check out Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on Bravo.

ThinkGeek-USB Memory Watch ThinkGeek has begun distributing a wristwatch that will bring back memories -- 256 megabytes worth. Slim, attractive, and sporting a standard USB cable, this is a watch like you have never seen before.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Our Full Wedding Album is now online. (View Album) This album contains 175 photos of the beautiful event that was held on July 4, 2003 in the halcyon gardens of 6 McSwain, Greenville, SC, USA.

Monday, July 21, 2003

We think "thin" but we get "fat." I found that quote written on a piece of paper in my own handwriting. There were no other notes, so I am wondering if it was something original by me. I doubt it. I guess I am hopeful because it sounds pretty clever. I would like to have been the first to write it. I doubt that I wrote it because there is another quote on the same subject written on the same piece of paper. Gluttony, after lust, is the most useful of the seven deadly sins.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Book Review: Pattern Recognition by William Gibson. In Pattern Recognition, William Gibson intrigues us with something a bit less fanciful than his previous offerings. He has turned his eye from the future choosing instead to stare down the very current trends of hyper marketing, the free flow of information via the Internet and how both the naive and powerful can subvert it to their needs. The book is hip, edgy, fast, and fun. It is so believable that the ending will leave you wondering if it is fiction or documentary.

Gibson's previous work includes Neuromancer, Burning Chrome, and Mona Lisa Overdrive. Publisher's weekly has referred to him as "The Patron Saint of Cyberpunk."

Friday, July 18, 2003

My Wedding. Phew! Finally, I have pictures of my own wedding online. This small, 15 image, collection is the groom's selection of photos. Ken Randall was good enough to offer his services as photographer, so most of these pictures were taken by him. It was much appreciated.