Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thomas Kinkade enters Self-Aggrandizement Hall of Fame

I'll admit it.  The voting was rigged.  I only allowed one entry in the contest and I awarded entry.  This is the swillingest piece of PR swill I've ever seen. Warning: Thinking people may retch when reading this. 
The Painter of Light(R) To Appear in Weekend Blitz with Major Galleries Across the U.S. Thomas Kinkade, renowned as the Painter of Light(TM), will appear in person in a pre-holiday tour in partnership with six of his galleries beginning Friday, December 5 and extending throughSunday, December 7, 2008, as the artist completes the last leg of the 2008 Share the Light(TM) Tour. 

Here is the money shot... 

The most successful and most collected living artist in U.S. history, Kinkade will share with guests a special message about the making of Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage, the first-ever movie about the Worlds' Most Collected Living Artist. The events will feature two of his newest holiday Limited Edition releases: Christmas in New York depicting the romantic Rockefeller Center bedecked for the holidays, and Graceland Christmas. Additionally, Kinkade will unveil the highly-anticipated premiere image in the Timeless Disney Moments Collection: Snow White Discovers the Cottage.

If this has offended, I apologize. My diatribe is born out of nothing more professional envy.  Mega success has eluded me in my own attempts to sell schlock for big bucks.  As grifts go, Kinkade's got the best I've ever seen.


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