Monday, December 01, 2008

Remember The Milk - Strike Two

Since I Want Sandy will be gone next week, I've decided to spend a bit of time looking about for something else to manage my tickler file.  I finally got over the name of Remember The Milk and went to the website with the idea of giving it a try. I learned on page one  that it does not support the Google Chrome browser. Sorry guys.  Maybe we can hook up some other time.

From the website:

Remember The Milk is accessible via a PC, Linux, or Macintosh (Mac) computer with one of the following fully supported browsers:

        • Firefox 2.0+
        • IE 6.0 and 7.0
        • Opera 9.0+
        • Safari 3.0+

For the best experience, we recommend using Firefox 3, IE7, or Safari 3.

Potential users must also enjoy websites with slightly precious names.

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