Monday, November 24, 2008

Forbes says Greenville SC an Affordable Place To Weather Downturn

Although job recruiters may have less to do these days, it might have gotten just a little bit easier for them if they are recruiting into Greenville, SC. Forbes Magazine listed Greenville as one of the five best counties in the US in which to weather an economic downturn.  They cited affordability as the number one factor.

Greenville County, SC Stats:

Within Commuting distance to Greenville:

Population: 428,243
Affordability: 150.23
Median property tax: $984
Job growth: .9%
Per capita income (in 2006 inflation-adjusted dollars): $23,926

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At 4:18 AM, Blogger Addy said...

Downtown is living a momentum, the base started strong. An anchor attraction got build and got favored by small and unique business but didn’t get followed by the city. They build a concert building, stadium and a baseball stadium without any parking facility. Bi-Lo center 15 000 seats 2000 parking, peace center 2800 seats no parking, baseball center 5000 seats no parking, how to choke downtown business !! Most projects done by the city are half done or not finished. Small business is almost gone or has no change to survive. Most money like parking is going out of state; events are done by out of state companies. Staging is not used by local companies but out of state. City service doesn’t exist anymore like trash pickup, high taxes, and old fashion taxes like Fixture tax. The town is lucky by all foreign investment and why it survive, but doesn’t at all accompanied to their needs. Greenville news great example of that. No foreign news, stocks or valuta or soccer news. The city is managed by good old boys not professionals. Who has a degree in logistics? Business and economics? Greenvillains can’t live anymore in downtown, small entrepreneurs are gone. Franchises are moving in. January will show what this city “management” has done to downtown. North main is almost empty, some buildings are empty for years now and it is getting worse. Without the small entrepreneur downtown is doomed and without a professional city management it will get only worse. It goes in a repeat from 30 years ago when it was the mighty textile capital of the world and had the same arrogant city managers who had no clue but rode the success what others build. Good old times are coming back, the time they had it bad. Downtown is totally small business unfriendly and child unfriendly. Look coming week to the parking fees for the Christmas parade. City parking up by 200 %, regular parking from 5 to 10 dollars. The correct name for downtown should be Greedyville, managed by Knox the man who stole downtown from Greenville.


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