Monday, April 28, 2008

Social Networking Links for Your Day listeners

On today's edition of Your Day, we talked about some of my favorite social networking tools.

Below are some links of the places we talked about:

Phil Yanov on Facebook:

  • Phil Yanov's Facebook profile

Become a Fan of the Your Day page on Facebook:

LinkedIn Professional Networking:

  • View Phil Yanov's profile on LinkedIn


  • On Twitter, I go by my professional monicker, ThinkHammer


  • I think Jaiku is prettier than Twitter, but there aren't as many people on the service. Still, I like it and think they have some interesting technology for mobile devices that might give them a boost eventually. Again on Jaiku, I am known as Thinkhammer.

Here is a bonus:

  • I discovered Friendfeed after we did the recording. If you care to add me to your list, I use my name Yanov on that service.

I hope these are useful to you. I hope you'll listen in again on Wednesday as we discuss digital cameras and photography.

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