Sunday, October 07, 2007

Finding and Flying Google Earth's Flight Simulator

Google Earth 4.2 includes a hidden Flight Simulator. To activate the hidden Flight Simulator feature, enter "Lilienthal" in the "Fly To" box, or type Ctrl-Alt-A in Windows/Linux, or Command-Option-A on a Mac. Once you've found the simulator, "Enter Flight Simulator" will appear in the tools menu in Google Earth for future use.

The simulator is easy to fly, even for non-pilots. There are no complicated engine-start or takeoff procedures - simply add power (press the PAGE UP key) and off you go. Once you've found a nice vantage point, you can use the space bar to pause the simulator and enjoy the view for a moment. Then, keep your location constant while you look around using the CTRL and arrow keys. Flying is easiest with mouse controls (or a joystick if you have one), but the full set of keyboard controls gives you greater functionality.

Frank Taylor, author of the Google Earth Blog, has compiled a video with flying tips:

qv: Flying Tips



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