Monday, January 01, 2007

Are you on the List? A resolution for YOU!

It's hard for me to believe that many of my nerd friends still haven't gotten the Heroes bug. Heroes is an unexpectedly great show about ordinary people learning to cope with their newly discovered comic book hero powers as well as the knowledge that something very big and very bad is about to happen.

I can understand that some people haven't heard of it, and that other completely reasonable people who actually love the super hero genre are expecting something awful and have thus ignored the show. I have taken it as my own missionary project to let my nerd friend network know that Heroes is nothing like "the Greatest American Hero."

Heroes is clever and fun. The characters are wrestling with themselves and each other. There are good guys and bad guys, but it's often hard to tell who is which. The show has a strong story arc and it would be best to watch the episodes in order. Lucky for you, you can still watch the first eleven episodes online.

Your new years resolution? Get caught up with your backlog of Heroes episodes before the new shows start running on January 22.

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