Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Make yourself useful - celebrate usability

"A cell phone should be as easy-to-use as a doorknob."

It's World Usability Day! It seems like a lesson we could carry with us every day, but it is nice to know that there are people, in this case, the Usability Professionals Association who have taken on the mission of reminding us that some of the stuff we use is harder to use than it should be and that we should celebrate those things that are actually a delight to use.

The UPA offers a conference, webcasts, and official proclamations in support of World Usability Day 2006. They even suggest that you carry a red balloon with you as you photograph items in your neighborhood that are notable for their usability (or lack thereof.) Photos to be uploaded to their Flickr group, of course. Got a full schedule, but still looking for a way to support usability everywhere? Sign the charter.

qv: World Usability Day


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