Monday, October 30, 2006

Speak to me -- talk back to Phil

Send Me A Message
My feedback form was generating a horrific amount of spam in my inbox. A few weeks ago the problem got so bad, I simply killed the form out of frustration. It didn't do much for my spam problem, but I took a couple of additional steps and now I no longer know about the problem -- the offending emails are safely hidden in my trash. This solution created a new problem, however. It has become ever so slightly more difficult for you to send me a message.

I still would like to hear from you, however, and some of you post comments in line with the blog postings. For those, however who don't care to write, but would like to talk, you can now click on the new, improved, side link that includes voice capability or why not try the link with the itty bitty bird head and leave me a voice mail. Isn't that better?

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