Monday, October 30, 2006

Computer recycling center in Greenville?

In the Asheville Citizen Times:
"Dell and three regional Goodwill Industries operations in North Carolina, including stores in Western North Carolina, have begun a free drop-off program for recycling unwanted computers."

Where do you do this in Greenville, SC? I have had several friends say that the local Goodwill won't accept their computers. Perhaps I can do a bit of leaf observing this weekend and drop off some computer junk at the same time.



At 2:09 PM, Blogger Victor said...

Goodwill now has a Computerworks in Simpsonville (started back in 2006, a couple of months prior to your post, so the program probably wasn't as well fleshed out as it is now). The following info can be found via the link above:

Computer Works store
915 South Street
Simpsonville, SC.
(864) 967-4182

At the physical location itself (as oppossed to the various drop-off sites, incidentally listed by a handy drop-down menu on the website's right hand side), they sell re-furbished systems (P3/P2 with MS Windows pre-installed for approx $100 bucks if my memory serves me correct), in addition to processing all manner of computer-related items (monitors, motherboards, PCI cards, etc).

They also have a wide selection of classic old-school (Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, etc.) console games, so you can get your game too ....


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