Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Increasing Website Revenue with Google Sitemap

Marshall Breeding's article at Library Technology describes how he methodically took the existing asset of the Vanderbilt collection of TV News Video Archives and exposed them to the web while still retaining control of his assets. He wanted to allow web searchers the ability to know what was in his archives without actually giving away the information. The goal seems noble enough -- this group has been retaining TV news video archives for research purposes since 1968. Rental (and copying) revenue funds the operations of the archive.

He describes why and how he made the changes and exposed just the select information. He also describes how he measured his results and how long it took to see results. It's all useful information for someone building their business on the web.

qv: Library Technology Guides: How we funneled searchers from Google to our collections by catering to Web crawlers


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