Thursday, September 14, 2006

Behind the radio...

Before our live radio segment today we recorded three segments for future broadcast. If I find out the schedule of those segments in advance, I'll let you know here.

One of the segments was about online storage and backup services. We talked about, X-Drive, and Servosity. Eric and I actually use mydatabus to transfer the big audio files that eventually become my podcasts.

Our radio schedule is going to change a bit for the next few months. We have to move because of some scheduling conflicts, but we are also preparing for something a bit bigger. You may have noticed today that the segment was actually extended by a few minutes. We went on the air at 12:27 rather than 12:32. We got the extra time because the show is no longer cutting away to NPR for the news break at the bottom of the hour. I think we used the time to take an extra call. I'll get to analyze it a bit better once Eric sends the audio file. You can check it out for yourself in the next podcast of the show.

I'll post the updated dates and times for October and November once I am a bit more sure of them.


At 3:08 PM, said...

Thanks for the mention! With our generous storage (5GB) and 500MB per-file allowance we think that is a great way to collaborate online! (Oh, and being FREE doesn't hurt either) Next time you do a similar show, perhaps we could convince you to include us in the review?

At 7:53 PM, Phil Yanov said...

Segment is to air on 10/23/2006 per this post.


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