Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Video: WYFF - Buyer Beware - Caller-ID Spoofing

Your telephone rings and the call appears to be from your bank, based on the caller ID display. But is it really?

We sure hope it is, but Voice over IP (VoIP) has made Caller-ID spoofing child's play. In fact, you can even pull a prank using various websites which involves making it appear that a prank phone call is comgin from some number other than your own. (like the Snakes on a Plane prank.) If you're like most people, you may have never given this a thought, but the number and name you see on your Caller-ID may not be who you think it it. See Tim Waller's story as it appeared on WYFF-TV. (ps: the video features my mother's favorite son.)

Click on Tim Waller's picture to view the video!

qv: WYFF-TV - Buyer Beware: Caller ID Spoofing

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