Friday, August 18, 2006

Make any website "work friendly"

Just the other day one of the famous folks in town was telling me that he couldn't do needed research at work because his corporate webmaster filtered his internet. Between the internet cops watching you and someone looking over your shoulder from the next cubical, it can be difficult to visit certain websites during the work day, just when you need relief the most.

What we need is a boss key like we had in the game software of yesteryear. In the days of yore game makers knew that PC games were probably being played on computers at work. They also knew that it probably was not a good idea to be caught doing so. As a defense, they often included a single keystroke that would pause the game and make it look like you are working on a spreadsheet with some really boring numbers.

It turns out that is doing nearly the same thing for web pages.

Work Friendly strips web pages of their fun, graphic, and possibly employer offending elements and makes any web page look like a MS-Word document. How boring! How clever!

Check it out... in a "normal" browser:

Woof! You'd never want that up on your screen at work, especially if you are guy.

Now lets see... made "work friendly":

Bingo! It's plain and boring, but still has all of the links and all of the text. Just what the HR department ordered in that class you said you paid attention to.

If it can make popsugar look clean just imagine what it will do for ESPN, NBC, or Give it a whirl. Let us know how it saves you.


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At 2:20 PM, Zach said...

my firewall blocked the website. Now that's irony for you. . .

At 2:20 PM, Zach said...

my firewall blocked the website. Now that's irony for you. . .


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