Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Giant Robot Pandas (with English subtitles)

I really can't say how many of you have written and asked for videos of Giant Robot Pandas.

While in America Giant Robot Pandas are scarce and scarcely heard from, it turns out that the Japanese love Giant Robot Pandas.

I suppose it might be a referendum on our culture, or it might simply be that the World Wildlife Federation, who has as their logo a non-giant, non-robotic, panda has successfully infected the japanese zeitgeist. Based on my very unscientific, very casual, some might almost say non-existent research project, I have come to the incredible conclusion that millions of Japanese now feel an intense affection for all things Panda.

I can only assume the the World Wildlife Federation's ugly run-in with the organization formerly known as the World Wrestling Foundation has made it much more difficult for giant robot pandas to catch on in the US. As best I can tell, the American public, at large, remains mostly unaffected by a desire for giant robot pandas. Still, despite the fact that giant robot pandas have not yet gone mainstream in the US, there is still a significant minority clamoring for them. It also seems that a significant portion of that minority, one might even call it a preponderance of those mecha afficianados gather here.

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