Sunday, July 16, 2006

Still loving GMAIL

Regular Gmail users have probably already noticed the Delete all spam messages now text button in the Spam view of Gmail. It's fabulous!

Gmail started out with the motto that we never needed to throw anything away. With cheap storage, I guess it may seem at first ok to keep everything, but the fact of the matter is that junk gets in the way of finding the truly useful. So I am now occasionally spying into my GMail spam folder and wiping out everything in just one click. When that folder is full of awful advertisements for stuff I could never imagine wanting, there is nothing quite as satisfying as wiping them out... all of them.

qv: GMail

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At 8:24 AM, Zach said...

all I can say is . . . YES! Gmail is simply the greatest out there. Now if they could just link it better with new services like spreadsheet and gwritely (hopefully due out soon) and make it into a full "office suite". This would compete even with ODF!


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