Thursday, July 27, 2006

Coming Zune -- Microsoft baffles...

Repeat after me in your best Krusty the Clown voice "What the hell was that?"

Good news: Microsoft, our other favorite monopoly is going to produce their own media player that the media is touting as an iPod killer, thus going after our first favorite monopoly.

Bad news
: Microsoft is teasing the audience with a cryptic, misguided, baffling, bizarre, horrorshow, amateurish, juvenile, and freakish looking website.

For those of you who were overwhelmed with my possibly unforgivable adjectival excess, just replace the entire string above with daft.

Still, I couldn't be happier about getting an alternative to the iPod that will be well supported by third parties. Imagine a world where there are entire Best Buy aisles of Zune accessories in addition to the plethora of iPod accessories. It makes me giddy.


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