Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Survey Says: Clydesdales win Superbowl Ads

According to Zogby:
After some Monday-morning quarterbacking, Super Bowl XL viewers have decided that Budweiser's "Young Clydesdale" ad wins Sunday's other big game -- the battle for the top commercial spot.

What especially caught my attention was this:
CareerBuilder.com's ad depicting workplace chimps celebrating the "growth" of sales at their company scored progressively worse as income level rose, besting the income categories below $25,000, but rapidly receding among others.

Zogby says that funny ads that make you feel good tend to do best. I think I already knew that. If an ad doesn't make your brain do a "Happy Dance," it isn't working.

I wonder... what type of personality enjoyed Hummer's "Little Monster" ad?
That one was lost on me.

via : Zogby

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