Friday, October 14, 2005

1000 Jib Jab Fans Can't Be Wrong... Or Can they?

Jib Jab, the presenter's of last Election's wildly popular "This Land" and It's Good to Be in D.C. internet videos have now taken a shot at Wal-Mart it's latest video - "Big Box Mart." There's no election this time, so the Spiradellis brothers added a twist to the new video. For the weeks prior to it's release they offered to put your face in their video for a small fee. Apparently a number of fans paid the price and can now lay claim to their fame as an extra in an internet delivered computer animation. This may be no small claim as the "This Land" video was viewed over 100 million times! There is a bit of real irony in this because the video is a political outcry against the harms done to Americans by Wal-Mart, but over 1000 Jib Jab fans paid to have their faces appear (mostly) as cart pushing shoppers in the very same store.


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