Monday, August 15, 2005

Your Day Technology - Digital Photography

We'd like to welcome our visitors who caught the Digital Photography segment on Your Day. Here are the items we discussed on the show.

My first Digital Camera
To the right is a picture of my very first digital camera. It was a Logitech Fotoman. The camera took up to 32 grainy, low-resolution photos and held them in memory until you downloaded them to your computer via an RS-232 seriel cable. The actual specs were 376 x 240 pixels by 256 gray levels. (Not color) The camera failed mysteriously when I lent it to a friend, so it and most of the pictures I took with it have gone to the bit bucket.

A fabulous way to get your pictures from your camera to your computer. It's a great photo organizer, red-eye reducer, picture fixer, and gift maker.

This is quite possibly the best way share photos on the web. You can control if photos are private to family, friends, other contacts, or the public. Groups of family and friends can create group photo albums and discuss and comment upon their pictures.

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