Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Let them eat cake!

Adults everywhere are tired of eating meat and vegetables. They want pasta!

I'm sorry to hear about a business going bankrupt. It's difficult for the people involved and it's got to be especially for those who have experienced some measure of fame. We certainly don't know yet, what caused the company to fail, but I am sure Americans everywhere take some guilty pleasure in knowing that at least one group who would look at them shamefully for enjoying a roll with their dinner is gone.

The even sadder news is that neither Atkins nor any other diet craze seems to be doing much to help people get their weight under control.

Heck, I don't really care about other people. It's me that I am worried about. Maybe I should have my jaw wired shut...

I wonder how the people at Wonder bread feel? Have they emerged from their Atkins induced bankruptcy yet?

via: USA Today


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