Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Apple Comes to Save The Day!

Apple's new "mighty mouse" for the Mac has four buttons instead of just one. Steve Jobs says it's "revolutionary!" Wow. If that's all it takes, then since I have four eyes, (two of them glass) shouldn't I be revolutionary as well? Good for Mac users, they get more buttons. I admire the commitment that Apple has kept to lean, clean design. Their allegiance to a one button mouse, however, has been something that has plagued them for years. I am glad to see them get over it.

Saying that a one button mouse is better than a multi-button mouse is crazy. Especially so when most humans have five fingers, four of them pointed in the same direction, on each hand. I guess Apple would have had you believe that mittens are better than gloves, too. Anyone who has had to scrape the ice off their car windows in the winter knows gloves are far more useful than mittens. In fact, mittens are only better when you want to keep your hands warm and you don't actually need them to do any work. Uh-oh... Have I stumbled on to something here?

Welcome Mac users everywhere to the multi-button club.
(All this time you have been wondering what to do with your other fingers.)

via: TechTree


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