Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Story behind "American Gothic"

McCall_Gothic by Phil YanovNo one has ever asked me the story behind the not so famous "McCall Gothic photo" on the right. Well, if they ever did, I would probably explain that I was shooting pictures of a handsome wedding couple and they asked if I could shoot a few pictures of them kissing in the green grass of a country field. As I accomodated them, I noticed a weathered barn and with a few hand implements leaning against it.American Gothic by Grant WoodI apparently had been awake in some college art class and remembered how the famous "American Gothic" was composed and even remembered the name of the photo. I suggested the setup and the couple complied. The rest is history. I'll be expecting best-selling author Thomas Hoving to give me a call for his next book.

qv: NPR: The Story Behind Grant Wood's 'American Gothic'


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