Tuesday, April 19, 2005

GeoBlogging, Half of a half-baked idea...

Ok, someone can tell me that someone else is already doing a great job of this, and I'll just let this be one of my half-baked ideas that was not properly vetted before I opened my mouth. My idea is Geoblogging.

It is an idea that has arisen out of my recent trip. Well, actually, it has arisen out of the trip I am on now as part of the entourage of the Tour de Georgia. As I am traveling, I thought it would be cool if I could allow my blog to have an I am here indicator as part of my travel. A cool geo blog format might even include a small inset map that shows my location with as much precision as I am willing to allow.

If a number of people included their geo data as they blogged while mobile, we could even trace paths as they zoomed across the world, or we could map and see if there are an inordiante number of bloggers in one place or another. You could potentially show maps with dates of blog entries in them. Bloggers might more easily find one another for coffee. Of course, I think this would be great fun. Any interest in helping put somethign like this together? If we do it with standards then even the big boys will follow. If we wait, someone with a lot of money and a lot of cool will do it in some way we don't like nearly as much.

GeoBlog: I am here.

By the way, today, I am in Macon.


At 4:48 PM, Blogger Asbjørn said...

ok, by time, this comment is quite remote. however, by subject, it is very close:

i am about to join a one-week bicycle race at the west coast of norway. i just got me a new sony ericsson c702 mobile with gps and a cool "post to blog"-function when i shoot a picture. thus, i can post pictures (with text) straight into a blogger-blog (don't know if it works with other blogging tools). furthermore, the gps embeds location data as exif-tags in the pictures...

so, my wish now is a script (or something) on blogger.com that can create a google map marker for each picture i post to my viking-tour-blog (no location data should result in no map marker).

do you know if this is possible?



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