Saturday, March 05, 2005

Spring Part I

We rather look forward to spring at my house. Well, at least I do. In truth, the cats don’t seem to care much. One bird species is as interesting to watch as another.

Winter only lasts a few months here, but it can be a bit dull in our yard. Our yard is made of some kind of warm weather grass that turns brown from November to April. It leaves our yard looking like we papered it with grocery bags. I shouldn’t complain. It doesn’t grow and therefore doesn’t need mowed. I make sure to give it a good trim at the end of the year, so it looks well manicured. It just doesn’t look alive. It’s a bit like when you are a kid standing next to the casket of a distant relative and your aunt comes up and says doesn’t he look good? You want to raise an eyebrow and say, “Yeah. I mean I guess… but He’s dead.” Yards, like many relatives, no matter how good they look, are just better somehow when they are not quite dead.


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