Sunday, March 20, 2005

Podcasting is Dead? I don't think so, Tim.

I saw a press release today that proclaimed Podcasting is Dead! Long live Microcasting! I guess it should be no surprise that the press release then pointed the unwary to (no link here.)

I realize that my giving this particular bloviation even ten seconds of my precious mental CPU time might give further encouragement to bad behaviour, but I am pretty sure that this is idea is so awful that it will implode pretty quickly regardless of my attention.

Sure, we might need a new word for time delayed internet delivered audio that can be said in a single breath and doesn't carry someone's brand with it, but what I am sure we don't need is a misguided PR person monstering up some awful frankenword and then foisting it on us.

Just say no to Frankenwords!

My little Googlefight between the terms podcasting and microcasting yielded the results of 1.5 Million hits for podcasting v. 514 hits for microcasting. Worse yet for the new guy is that a good number of the microcasting hits had something to do with the filling of dental cavities.

qv: Google : Fight Podcasting v. Microcasting


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