Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Kemet Getting Ready to Sing a New Tune?

In the rather unexciting language of most personnel press releases, Kemet announced yesterday that Per-Olof Loof has been named as its new Chief Executive Officer. What the announcement didn't mention is that we should now expect a bit of excitement out of the "preferred supplier of standardized components."

The press release went on to mentioned that Mr. Loof previously served as Chief Executive Officer of Sensormatic Electronics Corporation, and held various leadership roles at Andersen Consulting, Digital Equipment Corporation, AT&T and NCR.

What the press release didn't mention is Per-Olof's penchant for the dramatic. It turns out that Per-Olof owns an electric guitar and is not afraid to use it. As President and CEO of AT&T Istel, Loof appeared as the lead singer and guitarist of AT&T's "All In the Family Band." The song was then distributed on a CD to all of AT&T's employees in the UK.

The breakup of AT&T did not deter Loof's musical aspirations, however. According to ZDNet UK, he landed at Sensormatic and in a new band with a new corporate anthem "We can do it again."
I told you we can fly
Reach up high
Nothing's too far
We're raising the bar
We've just broken through
That's how I know
Just check, the flow.

Apparently Loof did do it again. Sensormatic was bought by Tyco and Loof's recording contract was not renewed, yet again. If we follow the press release around we might expect a few more of his musical styling to be hidden about the web covering Anderson Consulting and Digital equipment, but really who cares? We are looking for the new Kemet anthem. What rhymes with tantalum?

qv: IT Anthems: We're AT&T!
qv: Per-Olof Loof Appointed KEMETís New CEO


At 2:35 PM, Anonymous said...

Here it is....

(Kemet national anthem)

There's just too much capacity
Goin' around in the world of IT,
Our stock's getting whupped,
The Wall's comin' down,
But Kemet's gonna stand it's ground.

The orders, yeah, they're gonna come,
'Cause you can't beat our tantalum,
We'll make it back,
And we'll stand tall,
Teach our Chinese partners to say y'all.

Demand will meet our oversupply,
Then we'll all be riding high,
I'll sell my shares
And get a 'Vette,
Oracle will buy us yet.


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