Saturday, March 19, 2005

Bloggers to be treated as qualified journalists under Faster FOIA Act

On The Media reported in an interview with GOP Senator John Cornyn that bloggers, just like mainstream journalists, would have fees waived under the new Faster FOIA (Freedom of Information Act.) The Senator says "It is not government's responsibility to try to decide who is and who is not [a qualified journalist.]" He continued "They, as citizen activists ... need to be able to get access to information as well."

NB: On the Media is also available as a podcast.

qv: On The Media
qv: OTM: Sunshine Week (RealAudio)

This certainly give bloggers an uptick in reputation and responsibility as well as opening them up to additional liability. It becomes increasingly important for bloggers to figure out exactly where they can and want to exist in the feedback loop that connects people, the press, and government. Personally, I think the role as citizen activists fits perfectly. -PY


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