Thursday, October 14, 2004

Who won the debate?

MSNBC (unscientific) poll shows Kerry wins 3rd debate.

I hit a few sites this morning -- all show Kerry winning the debate. It's hard to say that there is anything to learn from the internet polls. I'd like to see a real poll, the kind that is statistically valid to see what people are really thinking. (I think there is one scheduled for early November.)

After the first debate, one of the channels asked "undecided" voters what they thought. I liked that because they were candid and genuine. The group appeared to be considering only what they heard in the debate. Their responses were a lot more interesting than the spinmasters who were telling us what we should be thinking. I would guess that undecided voters are now hard to find. With the election only 20 days away, any undecided voters you find now are basically untrustworthy, world class procrastinators.


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