Friday, February 06, 2004

Is this an "Honorable" Mention?

I went to my first live Poetry Slam last night. I had watched this sort of competition on television, but I saw an ad in the paper that reminded me that the World Poetry Slam Individual Championships were going to be held in Greenville, SC this weekend. I went, met a few people, and was asked to be a judge at the competition. It turns out that they ask random members of the audience who are unaffiliated with the presenters to judge the competition. I did not know the contestants and can read and write English fluently -- I was qualified! The judging was difficult, but I followed the instructions given by the MC and scored the poems consistently and fairly, biased only by my own taste in verse. I had a great time and would do it again in an instant.

As I am now an experienced Poetry Slam Judge, will people address me as "Your Honor?"

Greenville News - Poetry Slam provokes laughter, thought

My pal, Biggus Billus saw the article in the paper and delivered this tribute to me via email.
I score it a ten!

Here's to my friend,
who in the end,
will bring great fame to the name
of my business,
because he's got game!
-Biggus Billus


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