Monday, September 29, 2003

The Spartanburg Herald Journal reports that there are opponents to having the Hunley Sailors lie in state at the South Carolina Capitol. The sailors, were, after all confederates. This makes them supporters of slavery, according to some critics.  I would like to see the Hunley sailors lie in state in recognition of their historical significance.  They were the doomed crew of the first submarine to sink a combatant ship in battle. It would be great if the state could recognize their historical contribution without more political strife and struggle. If this is not possible, then the governer and proponents should quietly withdraw the request.  South Carolina has had enough strife to last us for awhile. Let's not turn the Hunley's crew into another spectacle.
COLUMBIA -- A proposal to have the eight dead Confederate sailors from the submarine Hunley lie in state in the South Carolina Capitol is drawing criticism from business and civil rights leaders.
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