Thursday, March 27, 2003

Ben Stein shook my hand. Today, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. The right place was the Mailboxes, Etc. on Main Street in downtown Greenville, SC. I was getting my mail and exchanging a bit of information with the proprietor when I looked up and watched Ben Stein walked through the door. I recognized him immediately, and was at that time remembering that he was in town for a speaking engagement at Furman to which I had previously been invited. He had come into the Mailboxes, Etc. because he had something that he wanted to ship back to his home in California. Not shy about speaking with him, we exchanged a few pleasant words while he transacted his business. He said that he really was enjoying his stay in Greenville, and that he had just visited the Confederate War Museum. I asked him about his plans for the evening speech and he said that about half of his speaking material was brand new. He had put together new material in response to the war, and felt that we should all be thankful for the people who fight on behalf of our country. He was candid, warm, and quite friendly. Although he said several nice things about Greenville while we talked, his last words as he walked out of the door meant the most to me. A man who had never met me before, and would certainly have no reason to think that he would ever see me again took just a moment to make my day. As he walked out the door.... He called me by name.


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