Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Book Review - Pomes All Sizes - Jack Kerouac - A must read for the serious Kerouac fan, Pomes is a "Why bother?" for everyone else. Ann Charters wrote, "The quality most pure in Kerouac was his grasp that life is really a dream." Nowhere is this more evident than in the random jottings that has been published as Pomes All Sizes. There are gems among his silly little haikus, and I truly enjoyed the first sequence of "Poems of the Buddhas of Old." Regrettably, much of the collection left me scratching my head. Was Jack just having a bit of fun with us, or was he so advanced that I still can not grasp the meaning? "Life is like a dream. / You only believe it's real / Cause you're born a sucker / For that kind of deal;" The journey through Pomes All Sizes is unpassable to all but the most devout.


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